We understand that some Designers are not seeing all of their Facebook Friends. We have found following these steps may help with Facebook friends not appearing.

Head to your Facebook settings to confirm whether Design Home is active in your Facebook App.

1. In the Facebook app, navigate to the menu
(tapping the 3 stacked parallel lines on the bottom right of the page will take you there)

>>Scroll down

2. Tap Settings & Privacy

>>Then, Tap Settings

3. Tap Apps and Websites

4. Locate “Logged in with Facebook” then tap “Edit”

>>Under the tab that says “Active”, you should see the Design Home app

5. If you do not see Design Home under the “Active” tab, check the “Expired” tab

6. If you see Design Home under the “Expired” tab, tap the “Edit” button to select

7. Make sure that the Friends list is toggled “on”, you should see blue

8. Then tap the Renew button at the bottom of the page

9. Check to make sure that you see Design Home under the “Active” tab